Silvermoths got a big fat mention in the Guardian

Wow. I’m so excited for Silvermoths to get such a great mention in the Guardian’s review of Standon Calling 2011. All the effort for Standing Calling 2011 was worth it!

Here’s what they had to say about us (and me):

Silvermoths show promise, their angelic frontwoman given extra dimension by her multi-disciplinary band, including a classical Indian raga from cellist Rylan Holey

Just so awesome.

What made it even better is that just before us Goldheart Assembly were mentioned. Love them too. I’ve done some recording for their drummer Nicky Francis.  So that makes me part of The Quill!

Make sure you get to Standon Calling next year by the way, it was an amazing festival that’s fun, accessible and with great music to boot.