Photo by Benjamin Ealovega

Even Orchestras can be Thought Leaders!

Photo by Benjamin Ealovega

I’m always proud that I worked as a digital marketer in the arts. That pride is cemented especially when I see arts organisations with meagre budgets leapfrog some of the biggest companies in the world.

The Philharmonia Orchestra have just released some thought leadership: Classical music colours the lives of 8 in 10 people.

The research, carried out by YouGov, is packed with interesting results like:

  • The living room has overtaken the concert hall as the number one place to listen to classical music, with 43% of respondents saying they enjoy listening while they chill out at home. In contrast, 38% said they enjoyed classical music in the concert hall.
  • For around one in three people (35%) classical music is a quintessential part of a special occasion – and 33% said it is the music they associate with eating out at a restaurant.

To help explain why it’s important for the Orchestra the press release also contains commentary from Alice Walton their Marketing Director:

These are myth-busting figures, showing that the great composers have importance and relevance in people’s everyday lives. At a time when people lead hectic lives, many people want to engage with music on their own terms. Given more than two in five people are engaging with classical music outside the concert hall, the Philharmonia Orchestra is engaging new audiences in a range of new ways; online, through our pioneering community programmes, free digital installations and recording for films, CDs and computer games. This season an audience of more than 300,000 people will engage with us through 150 concerts and two digital installations across 50 cities and three continents, and many thousands more online.

It’s been shared on their social media, and is spreading through Facebook and Twitter. Straight away it was picked up by BBC Music magazine and Classic FM also tweeted the research.

I’m giving a standing ovation to the Philharmonia Orchestra’s marketing team.

I’ll update this entry with any of the inevitable national press that comes their way.