Visit to the Hootsuite Nest in Vancouver


This week I’ve been visiting Hootsuite HQ in Vancouver. It’s been awesome soaking up the atmosphere in the big nest, putting faces to names and catching up with my family that live here.

The main difference between London and Vancouver office life: people don’t shake hands, they fist bump. To be honest that’s about it.

Thankfully the similarities are much more profound, we work hard to achieve the vision of Hootsuite and, importantly, have fun whilst we hustle towards that goal.

Here’s the owl mural in a meeting room – owls are all about the eyes

They’ve got beer on tap, which means owls can hang out after work on Fridays

Vancouver is a beautiful town, this is the view from the rooftop of the office, just look at those snow capped mountains:

Also here are my grandparents, I hadn’t seen them for 7 years, so it was great timing to be here at the same time as Tet. Happy New Year everyone!

Thanks Vancouver, hopefully next time it won’t be so long.