MeThis is me. I work, live and play in London.

I’m a cellist with Silvermoths, member of London Philharmonic Choir, digital marketer of corporate law and a multicultural mashup mess. I also have a music blog over at holeytonal.

Before moving to the Big Smoke I was born in Hong Kong, then went to school in York. I then studied music at Durham University. Yes – moving from Hong Kong to York took a while to get used to at 12.

I used to live in Canada Water – a nice place where there are ducks, moor hens, swans and the occasional heron on the Albion Channel. I see them everyday on my commute – either on my bike or on the tube. It was something to smile about everyday. Apart from when they all the birds start getting frisky in spring – it’s a bit more disturbing then.

Now, I live in Shadwell, Tower Hamlets – just north of Canada Water actually. It’s grimy, full of fried chicken shops and there is an unhealthy amount of Asian teen gangs hanging around. Still, I get to walk to work now – along the river.

Currently I work in digital marketing for a law firm.